Leadership is the activity of influencing people to strive willing for group activities.

George R Terry

Leadership is influencing people to follow in the achievement of common goal.

Harold knootz, Cyrill O Donnel

Leadership is an interpersonal influence exercised in a situation and directed through the communication process towards the attainment of specific goals.

Robert Tannen baum, Irwing R Weshler ,Fred Massarik

Leaders are people who do the right thing

Managers are people who do things right

Professor warren G Bennis



Leader– The most common word which we hear in our day to day life. As the term sounds to be easy we think that it is easy to become a leader. But to become a leader one should have strong qualities like

Charisma, intelligence, decisiveness, Enthusiasm, strength, Integrity, Self confidence, motivated, perception, vision, courage, Integrity, humility, strategic planning, focus, cooperation, honesty, communication, confidence, intuition, creativity, humor, listening. Continue reading


5 Vital steps of Planning

PlanningWhat is planning? Planning means looking forward into future and access the course of action to reach the organizational objectives.What is the need of planning? It helps us to cope up with the change, forecast the future, specially to reach the established goals. Since planning plays major role in the development of an organization, manager should prepare a planning strategy which enlightens the organizational goals. It is the fundamental process in an organization.


For example, we plan our day , we plan our trips, we plan our careers, we plan everything. Planning plays vital role not only in the development of an individual but also in the Organizational growth.

Organization often fails in reaching its objectives due to lack of planning, but not because of lack of resources. Planning means looking forward into future, predicting future’s action, analyzing the changes accordingly move with the course of action to reach the prescribed objectives. Continue reading