Leadership is the activity of influencing people to strive willing for group activities.

George R Terry

Leadership is influencing people to follow in the achievement of common goal.

Harold knootz, Cyrill O Donnel

Leadership is an interpersonal influence exercised in a situation and directed through the communication process towards the attainment of specific goals.

Robert Tannen baum, Irwing R Weshler ,Fred Massarik

Leaders are people who do the right thing

Managers are people who do things right

Professor warren G Bennis



Leader– The most common word which we hear in our day to day life. As the term sounds to be easy we think that it is easy to become a leader. But to become a leader one should have strong qualities like

Charisma, intelligence, decisiveness, Enthusiasm, strength, Integrity, Self confidence, motivated, perception, vision, courage, Integrity, humility, strategic planning, focus, cooperation, honesty, communication, confidence, intuition, creativity, humor, listening.

self belief, visibility, integrity, Team work, courage, attentiveness, result focused, commitment, Awareness,Decisiveness,empathy, accountability, confidence, optimism, honesty, focus, inspiration, Integrity, sincerity, passion, confidence, positivist, wisdom, determination, compassion, sensitivity.

Mainly there are 7 important leadership qualities. One should adopt these qualities to become a perfect leader.


One should take right decisions at right time. Good decisions always gives positive results.Hence a leader should be a good decision maker.


what is it exactly?  means what we guess about others personality.A leader should have good perception. He should be capable of analyze the personalities in a perfect way.


One should be capable of handling issues and problems. He tries to motivate the other members in the organization.A perfect leader always motivates is employees through ou their journey of reaching goals.


One who has a broad vision about the growth of the organization as well as employees becomes a perfect leader. He should be capable of viewing the long term situations and hurdles of the organization.A leader always provides good planning with his vision.


One should have positive attitude and a personality to inspire others with his words and action.He should be capable of influencing others and make the work done in a positive way.A true leader always imbibes positive attitude into his followers and stands behind them in all theirs problems.


One should be open minded and honest about their words and action. A honest leader is always accepted by all his followers with their loyalty. One should be ready to accept his failures and his mistakes before everyone without hesitation.


One should have strong compassion and will towards his work. A leader should be capable of handling every hardship situation and well concerned about the goals and objectives. He should be self determined and imbibes positive attitude and motivates his followers for a good purpose.

There is a famous saying Leaders are not made, They are born . But one can become a perfect and a true leader if he tries to improve all these qualities in his personality development.

A Leader can make a change ,  create a nation, create more leaders.

If your actions inspires others to dream more, learn more, dream more, your are a perfect leader.










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